About Todd:

I am proud to say that I earned a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Lynn University in Boca Raton, while my undergrad degree from the University of Central Florida is in the English Department's Creative Writing track. I have spent more than 12 years employed as a writer and photographer specializing in South Florida's entertainment, entailing films concert, venue and CD revues, ranging from local talent found anywhere from Miami Beach's oldest live venue, Tobacco Road to the exquisite DADA in Delray Beach. Meanwhile, I make my living as a professional SEO writer in South Florida.

As far as what's in store for the future of my career, I've always been certain that one day I will write a book on Led Zeppelin. "If the Song Remained the Same" will be a fictional piece reliving the gods of rock's history from 1980 to the present if their incredible drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham hadn't died too soon. Imagine the concert reviews of the mighty Zeppelin at Live Aid, at Lollapalooza, on MTV Unplugged, etc. I would also like to put together a piece on my personal favorite director, Martin Scorsese and his timeless classics spanning four decades. Hopefully, my penmanship will capture the attention of one of my favorite publications in the U.K., either Uncut or Mojo. I would love to move to London and earn a living writing about classic rock's icons for the rest of my working life. Perhaps one day I'll retire from the magazine industry and start my autobiography, reliving all of the essential lessons of the reporting game that I had to learn the hard way.